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5G Indigenous Technologies

‘Major trials & demonstration’ was one of important policy initiatives and action plans suggested by ‘5G High Level Forum’. Experimental spectrum/ demo spectrum for trials & R&D, Small Cell guidelines along with government funded 5G Test Bed at CEWiT developed by Academia consortium are a few important initiatives taken by the government to provide access to the industry and institutions to work on locally relevant usage scenarios and applications.

DoT has also constituted an inter-ministerial high-level committee consisting of representatives from vertical Ministries. These efforts are envisaged to have a potential impact on the effective utilization of 5G and 5G+ wireless technologies. Enhanced efficiencies, services delivery mechanisms, effectiveness of operations and also quality of life are a few likely benefits from global efforts on 5G use cases. DoT is involving service providers, technology companies, use case developers, vertical industries, system integrators, vertical Ministry CoEs to ensure every stakeholder is involved in ideating and trying 5G use cases.

The technology landscape presents the details on 5G indigenous technologies in 5G Core, gNode B, CPEs. C-DoT and Industry members such as Reliance Jio, TCS, Tejas, VVDN, STL, Lekha, Signatron, Sooktha, Resonous, Niral, Kenstel, Signalchip, Wisig, Amantya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. etc., working on different segments of 5G products, chipsets. Other entities such as Astrome, Nav Tech, Veliminni etc., are working on backhaul radio technologies to deliver multi-Gbps backhaul to enable dense networks.

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