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C-DoT Consurtium Oppurtunity

Funding from DoT


C-DoT Consortium Opportunity

India 5G Alliance: CDoT is forming an Alliance, under the guidance of DoT, to bring together various ongoing R&D efforts in the industry, academia, startups etc. for the indigenous development of 5G. Under this effort, CDoT will extend leadership, promote best practices, generate research ideas and provide technical & financial support to the ecosystem partners for 5G development & its deployment. Ten separate consortiums have been formed under this alliance:

  1. 5G SA (Standalone) Core Network consortium
  2. 5G Open RAN (Radio Access Network) FR-1 consortium
  3. 5G Open RAN (Radio Access Network) FR-2 consortium
  4. 5G Transport consortium
  5. 5G Applications consortium
  6. 5G Enterprise Network consortium
  7. 5G Data Analytics consortium
  8. 5G Network Management, Automation and Orchestration consortium
  9. 5G Security consortium
  10. 5G Device consortium

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