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Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Industrial R&D Promotion Programme (IRDPP

The objectives of this scheme are to Bring in-house R&D into sharper focus; Strengthen R&D infrastructure in industry and SIROs; Promote R&D initiatives of the industry and SIROs; Ensure that the contributions made by the in-house R&D centres and SIROs dovetail adequately in the overall context of technological & industrial development. There are four sub Scheme under it, which are : 1. Recognition of in-house R&D Units (RDI) 2. Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations (SIRO) 3. Public Funded Research Institutions (PFRI) 4. Fiscal Incentives for Scientific Research (FI).      The applicant should be a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 or 2013. The company shall be eligible for consideration only after the completion of three financial years after formation.

Industrial R&D Programme 

Supporting the organization of national and international conferences, exhibitions etc. 

The main objective is to provide a platform for exchange of views, useful insight and learning for the benefit of industry, academic, consultancy and research organizations, and others. These events would be aimed at increasing awareness, capacity building and stakeholder engagement on industrial research and innovation issues, resulting in strengthening of technology development and competitiveness.  

Supporting industrial technology related studies

The Department has been undertaking a variety of studies in the broad area of technology and innovation management for the benefit of industry and research organizations. These include technology status studies in specific product and process areas, analytical reports of specific industry clusters, cases studies bringing out industry practices, research studies on industry related subjects, technology norms of industrial sectors, and other categories of reports.

Common Research and Technology Development Hubs (CRTDHs)

The scheme is part of DSIR-Industrial R&D Programme (IRD). This programme aimed at creation of Common Research and Technology Development Hubs (CRTDHs) to encourage research and technology development activities by MSEs. The Applicant Host Organization should be from National laboratories, Public funded bodies or Institutions having a distinct legal entity, which are willing and capable of setting up these CRTDHs in places located in the proximity of clusters of MSEs working in the targeted sector.

Patent Acquisition and Collaborative Research and Technology Development (PACE)

PACE scheme provides catalytic support to industries and institutions for development and demonstration of innovative product and process technologies, traversing the journey from proof of concept or laboratory stage to pilot stage, so that they can be launched for commercialization. All industries registered in India, having a healthy financial track record or a promising financial health forecast, preferably those having DSIR recognized in-house R&D units; and also for R&D organizations/ academic institutions/ universities.

Support for Technology Development and Utlization Programme for Women (TDUPW)

DSIR under its “Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)” provides assistance for those projects which are relevant to technology development and utilization by women with special emphasis to technologies developed by scientific establishments. The program is aimed to meet specific needs of women and to enhance their contribution towards technology capability building

Promoting Innovations in Individuals, Start-ups and MSMEs (PRISM)

The scheme provides grants, technical guidance and mentoring to individual innovators by incubating their idea towards the creation of new enterprises in phases. It also provides grant-in-aid support to technology solution providers developing technology solutions aimed at helping MSME cluster. For PRISM I, any Indian citizen including student innovators can apply. For PRISM II, PRISM innovators or innovators who have successfully demonstrated proof of concept with the support of government institution/agency, PRISM-R&D proposals and public funded – R&D institutes/ autonomous institutions/ laboratories/ academic institutes etc. are eligible. Upto 1 crore (refer to details)

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