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6G technology will have significant advancements in communication, sensing, imaging, presence technologies and location awareness. In terms of device universe, the following devices are expected to be available in 6G era as well: –

Communication Interfaces; Timing & Clock Chips; RF Front end chips and modules; IoT/Industrial IoT/Trackers; Universal IoT Chip; Sensor Nodes & Energy Harvesting; Smartphone; Cellular Cameras, Body Cameras, Dash Cameras; Wearable and Body embedded Devices;  Connectivity devices (CPEs); NTN devices- Aircraft, ships, drones; Sensors- Diagnostics, Robots, cameras, actuators, Digital/bio sensing and e-health; Metaverse Devices- AR/VR/XR; Hologram; Energy Efficiency or Zero Energy Devices; Man-Machine Interfaces; Terahertz and Si-Photonics etc.

Considering the current domestic scenario, significant R&D investments are essential to achieve Atmanirbhar in the 5G-adv/6G device space with following key considerations.

  • 6G R&D funding to have a long term (10-year) horizon with the outcomes aligned with the IMT-2030 6G standards.

  • The funding to cover development of modem chipsets, end-to-end systems including software/firmware, security elements and applications. Adequate funding to be given to emerging technologies such as AR/VR, next generation sensors, human-machine interfaces etc.

  • The funding need be prioritized towards the development of

    1. SOCs: Modem, RF ICs (Sub 6, mm-Wave and higher frequencies)

    2. Multiple classes of SOCs to address low end and high end IoT applications

    3. AI processors

    4. End-to-End Devices including the applications

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