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6G is expected to play a key role in the evolution of the society towards the 2030’s and shall also play a role in supporting the Global Sustainability Goals(SDGs), including India’s objective to contribute towards climate emergencies. With the contribution in development of global 5G standards in 3GPP, ITU etc., India as a nation has gained good amount of experience. Over the years Indian companies have also developed core competencies in certain areas. By leveraging this experience, India will contribute to the development of 6G standards in various international bodies such as 3GPP, ITU, IEC, IEEE, one M2M, etc. and can make its mark in global standardization space and ensure good number of key innovations are from India. This entails the following: –

  • Creation of a 6G program with a broad category of ecosystem partners including operators, vendors, hyper scalers, academia, and Government research labs, that is agile and quickly adaptable to the evolving needs for driving 6G research and innovations, building on and strengthening India’s competencies.

  • A set of stake-holders, through a consensus driven approach, recommend topics/themes of interest in 6G based on business and societal needs. The program will cover all aspects of technology development including early research on ideas, proof-of-concept, standardization, trials & testbeds, etc.

  • Streamlining the process and funding of Research programs on the themes identified.

  • Preparing well defined measurable KPIs to assess the success of the program funding.

  • Cohesive policies formulation to meet common goal of national leaderships, national 6G Roadmap, Sustainability goals, etc.

  • Aligns to the timeline of various 6G standards efforts across the globe.

  • Developing consensus on solutions of interest and pursue the standardization efforts at the corresponding international standardization bodies.

  • Facilitate early trials and prototype development, aimed at developing proof-of-concepts and support the domestic manufacturing process.

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