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Lekha Wireless

Lekha’s Marut Radio Unit is suitable for the deployment of a 5G network in macrocell environment. RU implements CUSM planes as defined in the ORAN 7-2x interface. Radio is designed to operate with an external antenna configuration. The data sheet refers to support for a few NR bands. Band support can be extended to any of the NR bands defined in the FR1 frequency range on request. RUs support external antenna options. Configuration management and monitoring of the Marut O-RU is enabled with a web-based element management system (EMS). The integrated web-based GUI manages a large number of Marut RUs in the network. EMS follows the Netconf/Yang model to communicate with RU.

Current and likely customers

Lekha’s customers include industrial network operators, large defense integrators, and Indian defence forces. Likely customers to be included in the list are railway communication companies, private network operators, and rural telecom operators.

Order value and turnover over the year 2022 – 2023

Lekha Wireless is a leading technology company that has invested substantially in the research and development of 3GPP standard-based RAN products. Lekha’s product portfolio includes 4G eNodeB, 4G Network in Box, 5G gNodeB, O-RAN-compliant CU, DU, and RU. Lekha’s revenue for the year 2022–2023 is about Rs 47 crore.

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