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Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

About Company

MDS is a Technology Solution Company focusing on the challenges faced by defence, aerospace, automotive, robotics, consumer electronics, semi-conductor, surveillance, healthcare, drones, IoT and allied industries. MDS addresses high performance computing capabilities for myriad applications such as base band, image, vision and signal processing, edge and node computing, server acceleration, Radar, communication systems, closed loop control systems, Artificial Intelligence, multimedia, smart cities, etc.

Deployment Details (Projects/ Pilots/ Field Trials)

UMA validated and being used by Intel on their Stratix FPGA series with upto 10x accelerationUMA deployed by NXP on their chipsUMA deployed by ISRO for high speed compression and computation of SAR data Integrated NavIC and GPS chipset developed and will be sent to ISRO for final clearance shortly

Patents and IP disclosures

UMA - patented in ChinaPatent applied and awaited in India, USA, Japan, Europe and Korea

List of Key Offerings

Products and Solutions

Indigenously designed processor based on its patented new and unique computing methodology and architecture

the Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA). This can be programmed into an FPGA or taped out on Silicon.TesseRaptor is a 4D convolution technology that offers unprecedented flexibility of hardware utilization with industry leading inference acceleration across all typical neural network applications.

Application / Business Verticals

Disaster Management

Digital Health (MedTech devices and Solutions)

Power / Energy (Smart Grid / Smart Meters etc.)

Smart Home

Industry 4.0 (Advanced Manufacturing)


Ports & Airports



(Products with Key features, Solutions with Deployment scenarios)

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited
Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited

Awards/ Recognitions/Certifications

Received India Innovation Growth Programme Award in 2013, (Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Lockheed Martin Corporation); Best Paper Award in Systems & IP in 2015 (SNUG India)

Collaboration / Partnerships Opportunities



Our hard working team

Manjeera Digital Systems Private Limited


Contact Us


Unit B-1002, 10th Floor, The Platina, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032

Call Us

Dr. Venu Kandadai; 9392447307; venu.kandadai@manjeerads.comNeeraja Reddy Maddi; 9391000206;
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