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IoTian Technologies Private Limited

About Company

IoTian Technologies is a Bangalore based technology startup, established in October 2016 with key focus areas as Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, IoT and Embedded systems. We offer solutions development in the field of AI/ML and IoT to global customers. We developed AI based solutions for Image segmentation, Image enhancement, Object classification & tagging, human activity detection, Material counting, Fire and Smoke, Vehicle traffic analytics and PPE. We also started shipping our award winning Camera to a major Automobile company based in India.

Deployment Details (Projects/ Pilots/ Field Trials)

Projects 1- IOTIAN is working with a major Construction Equipment company to supply it's IOT Product i.e. wi-fi Camera and Ai algorithms for data analysis of concrete batch process.The deployment is done on the Concrete Mixing Vehicle/Machine.Projects 2 - IoTian is working on implementing AI algorithm on hardware. This hardware will go into automotive vehicle.

Patents and IP disclosures

Under filing process

List of Key Offerings

Products and Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and IoT products

Application / Business Verticals

Automobiles/ Intelligent Transport System/ V2

Smart Cities & Communities

Industrials and Media


(Products with Key features, Solutions with Deployment scenarios)

IoTian Technologies Private Limited

IoTian Technologies Private Limited

IoTian Technologies Private Limited

Awards/ Recognitions/Certifications

Nokia Innovation Award and NASSCOM Innovation Award

Collaboration / Partnerships Opportunities

We are developing partnerships with Big Businesses in India. However will be happy to receive proposals from India and Global Business.


Our hard working team

IoTian Technologies Private Limited


Contact Us


C-301, Rohan Vasantha, Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037

Call Us

1) Atulya Joshi ( Gohain (
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