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Dyotis Technologies Pvt LTD

About Company

Dyotis Technologies is an IT consulting & software solution provider. We work in the telecom business concentrating mostly on the software side, where we offer NMS, BSS, and OSS systems that can meet the demands of the market today. We are also creating industry-specific IOT solutions that leverage recent advancements in 5G to automate their operations.

Deployment Details (Projects/ Pilots/ Field Trials)

Smart Parking soultion has been deployed in NHAI's Kolkatta and Channai Location.NMS: In talk with HFCL to use our NMS(Ealry stage). Some other companies are intrested in that.

Patents and IP disclosures


List of Key Offerings

Products and Solutions



IOT solution related to smart highways such as Smart poles

Veriable message signage

Smart parking Solutions

Smart Amublance

Smart Street Lights

EICU solution

Application / Business Verticals

Digital Health (MedTech devices and Solutions)

Smart Home

Industry 4.0 (Advanced Manufacturing)

Ports & Airports

Automobiles/ Intelligent Transport System/ V2

Smart Cities & Communities


(Products with Key features, Solutions with Deployment scenarios)

Dyotis Technologies Pvt LTD

Dyotis Technologies Pvt LTD

Dyotis Technologies Pvt LTD

Awards/ Recognitions/Certifications


Collaboration / Partnerships Opportunities

Yes, We are ready to collaborate with industry. already in talk with some of the participant(Coral, Signaltron, Cientra) of Private 5G demo held @ Sanchar Bhavan


Our hard working team

Dyotis Technologies Pvt LTD


Contact Us


Plot D242 - G2, Sector - 63 , Noida

Call Us

Nitin Pandey - +918010054459, nitin.pandey@dyotis.comRohit - +919899451659,
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