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Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

Thermistance is the first Indian startup working in the field of advanced passive cooling technology. We are developing advanced loop heat pipe for different applications including EV battery thermal managment, EV fast charging station thermal managment, High power LED thermal managment, sattellite thermal managment.

Deployment Details (Projects/ Pilots/ Field Trials)

High power LED product development trials completed. EV battery thermal managment trials under process.

Patents and IP disclosures


List of Key Offerings

Products and Solutions

Heat pipe

Loop Heat pipe


Application / Business Verticals

Industry 4.0 (Advanced Manufacturing)

Automobiles/ Intelligent Transport System/ V2


(Products with Key features, Solutions with Deployment scenarios)

Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Awards/ Recognitions/Certifications

First runner up In Innovate for India challenge 2022 by MAGIC Selected for Climate launchpad 2022Research and Development Awards 2022 by Acquisition International

Collaboration / Partnerships Opportunities

Collaborating with different SPace tech and EV manufacturing organizations


Our hard working team

Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Contact Us


BHAU Institute COEP Pune-05

Call Us

Bhimashankar Wangaskar 7755057556Dhananjay gavas 9960508980
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