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The details of various technology organizations engaged in development of the state-of-the-art quantum products and solutions are summarized below- 

Product NameBrief Product DescriptionCompaniesTRL
1Quantum Enabled NextGen Enterprise Messaging PlatformNextGen Enterprise Messaging platform for Sensitive Communications using Quantum Technology. The platform woks on the principle of Consent based Messaging and has Data Loss Prevention capabilities within it.Arishti CyberTech Private Limited(MessageMe™)9
2Quantum Key Distribution SolutionQKD is required to securely distribute keys which can be used of encryption purposes by an application entity. This mitigates the threat posed by Quantum Computers to present day mechanism of encrypting data.C-DOT9
QNU Lab (Armos)9
3Post Quantum Cryptography EncryptorPQC is required to replace the current key-exchange protocols (used in IPSec, TLS etc. communication security protocols) that are under-threat from upcoming Quantum ComputersC-DOT9
4Quantum Random Number Generator- Hardware based RNGGenerates 100% random numbers using quantum photonic source Entropy is of the highest level possibleQNU Lab(Tropos)9
5Quantum Random Number Generator- Cloud based RNGGenerates 100% random numbers using quantum photonic source Entropy is of the highest level possibleQNU Lab(Qosmos)9
6Trusted Relay NodeA trusted node consists of a quantum receiver linked to a quantum transmitter, which is housed in a secure boundary, designed to prevent tampering.QNU Lab9
7Hub & Spoke QKDConnects One bob with 5 Alices with each Bob to Alice link up to 100Kms.QNU Lab8
8Quantum Network SimulatorSimulation of the realistic situations of Quantum Internet, with novel routing protocols and shortcuts in the quantum networking.Qulabz7
9Quantum Memory SimulatorSimulation of all possible Quantum memory protocols such as EIT, AFC, CRIB/GEM, and Raman memory protocols along with DD sequence.Qulabz6
10Room Temperature Telecom Wavelength Quantum MemoryRb-vapor based Quantum memory wavelenght up-converted to Telecom wavelenght working at room temperature storing Photonic qubitsQulabz5
11Portfolio Optimization Solution by QMLPortfolio optimization tool with the help of Quantum Machine Leaning algorithms and Optimization protocolsQulabz6
12Quantum Secret Sharing SolutionsQuantum Secret sharing are set of protocols developed to share a classical/quantum message between n parties such that the n parties can only read the message provided a minimal of k parties (kQulabz3
13Measurement based quantum computing and Blind Quantum computing SimulatorMeasurement based quantum computing and Blind Quantum computing is the way of providing the services in an ultra-secured way masking the actual quantum circuit for computation on cloud.Qulabz3
14Quantum Video ConferencingSecure Video ConferenceScytale7
15Single photon detector based on High temperature Superconductors (HTS)The technology is based on High temperature Superconductors (HTS) as opposed to the currently-available standard low temperature superconductivity rendering it indispensable for cost-effective and efficient Quantum Information Processing. High temperature superconductors use Liquid Nitrogen for cooling, unlike the conventional superconductors based on liquid helium.SuperQ5
16LTS Cryo Cableslow temperature superconducting (LTS) cryo cables are transmission line platforms on flexible substrates for cryogenic applications. These are resistant against thermal cycling and offer excellent flexibility and phase stability. High density flexible interconnects for connecting superconducting devices at cryo-temperatures to room-temperature electronics. Interfacing Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector array.SuperQ3
17Quantum chipsetQpiAI-Quantum chipset is 3 chip solution consisting of Classical compute chip based on silicon photonics as universal optimizer chip called Trion. We have 128 qubit control chip that can control any types of Qubits including superconductor, Semiconductor and trapped Ions. We have 3 chip which is spin qubits based on semiconductors and superconducting qubitsQpiAI2
18Integrated quantum control & readout systemIt is a scalable and modular control stack for quantum computing and quantum key distribution (QKD) systems.QpiAI (QpiSense)4
19Quantum Solutions in different vertical sectorSimulator for specific vertical sector


Enterprise QpiAI Pro(TRL 9)
QpiAl Explorer (TRL 9)
QpiAl Logistics(TRL 9)
QpiAI Finace (TRL 9)
QpiAI Pharma (TRL 8)

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