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Quantum Technology

Quantum Information Technology (QIT) is a class of emerging technology that improves information processing capability by harnessing principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum principles are used for engineering solutions to extremely complex problems in computing, communications, sensing, chemistry, cryptography, imaging and mechanics. The prime factorization quantum algorithm has important implications for security as it can be used to break RSA encryption, a popular method for secure communication.

Quantum Communications Technology

The range of quantum technologies is expected to be one of the major technology disruptions that will change entire paradigm of computation, communication and encryption; provides the space for many start-up companies to form and develop.
It has become imperative both for government and industries to be prepared to develop these emerging and disruptive technologies in order to secure our communications, financial transactions, remain competitive, drive societal progress, generate employment, foster economic growth and to improve the overall quality of life. National level efforts initiated to become Atamnirbhar in Quantum Information Technology(QIT):

  • Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India has initiated a new directed research programme on “Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuST)” with the objective to develop quantum computers, quantum communication & cryptography, Quantum enhanced and inspired technology and advanced mathematical quantum techniques, algorithms and theory of quantum information systems in broad thematic areas viz., Quantum information technologies with photonic devices; Quantum information technologies with solid state, nitrogen vacancy, Magnetic Resonance; Quantum information technologies with ion-trap and optical-lattice devices; Quantum information technologies with superconducting qubit devices and quantum dot devices; Mathematical and Fundamental aspects of quantum computation and quantum information.
  • The Government of India in budget 2020, has announced a National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications (NM-QTA) with a total budget outlay of Rs 8000 Crore for a period of five years( now 8 years) to be implemented by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), with establishment of Technology Innovation Hubs(T-Hubs) in – Quantum Computing; Quantum Communication; Quantum Sensing and Metrology; Quantum Material and Devices. The Government’s financial and organizational support will also ensure that both public and private sectors are benefitted. It will establish standards to be applied to all research and help stimulate a pipeline to support research and applications well into the future. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is supporting this initiative and C-DoT ( Centre for Development of Telematics) , an R&D institution under DoT, is designated as T-Hub for communication domain under NM-QTA.
  • To proliferate and leverage the quantum technology in Communications domain, DoT constituted a multi-stakeholder committee , with representatives from Governments, Academia, R&D institutions and industry, which is mandated to prepare a roadmap for quantum communications in India covering all aspects that includes – building synergies across institutions; identifying use cases and applications and enable pilot trails; Facilitate IPR creation; Standards Development and coordinate India’s position Global Standards bodies; Policy measures to promote Quantum Communication Products, Production and deployment. The Government will synergies it’s policies and collaborative efforts to put country on global quantum communication map.

The base of Indian start-ups ecosystem in Quantum Communication and computation , has been developing fast in last few years.

Important topics on Quantum Communications

Quantum key distribution (QKD), Quantum Secure Direct Communication, Quantum entanglement distribution, Quantum random number generator, Single photon detector are important topics in quantum communications domain.

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