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Technologies Products & Solutions

Technologies Products & Solutions

Optical Technology
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Telecom Services Industry: Changing Demand Profile

  • Undergoing rapid transformations both in networks and services
  • Witnessing emergence of new players
  • Creation of newer applications and use cases: each characterized by distinct risks, returns, investment needs, suiting to different investors’ profiles

Emerging Applications Verticals

  • Emerging technologies (including 5G, AI and ML) capabilities covers applications / use cases across completely new sectors of the economy
  • Supports development of novel business and e-governance models
  • Use case labs may assist interoperability testing for new applications, fostering innovation in 5G use cases, and promote entrepreneurship to develop locally tailored solutions
  • Potential for ushering a major societal transformation across manufacturing, educational, healthcare, agricultural, financial and social sectors

Technologies Landscape

  • A summary classification of existing products, and ongoing research related to a sector
  • Useful for policy makers, academia, and industry stakeholders for stocktaking
  • More critical in telecom industry characterized by rapid technological advancement
  • Technology Landscape analysis
    • May give much needed market intelligence to technology companies and user businesses
    • Assists in understanding potential threats and identify ground breaking opportunities
  • Stakeholders looking for improving efficiency or searching for ideas, technologies or processes
  • Investors may use it to identify high return technology to get highest return

Need of the hour

Transforming from Technology Products selling to Providing Solutions 

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