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Telecom Technology Landscape in India

Technology landscape presents a summary classification of existing products, and ongoing research related to a sector/industry. It is useful for policy makers, academia, and industry stakeholders for stocktaking and decision making. It becomes more important in the industry characterized by rapid technological advancement from both demand and supply perspectives. 

The Indian telecom technology landscape assessment is useful to examine the current status and future possibilities of the evolving telecom technologies. Telecommunications is one of the industries that is witnessing accelerated technological advancement. Therefore, telecom technology landscape analysis (including research, patent, and applications landscape) is crucial market intelligence information that can assist technology companies and user businesses to understand potential threats in the market and identify ground breaking opportunities.   The stakeholders may make use of technology landscape when they are looking for improving efficiency or when they are searching for ideas, technologies or processes1. For instance, the investors may use it to identify high return technology that could fetch them highest return.

The telecom services industry too is undergoing rapid transformations, witnessing emergence of new players, as a replacement of existing ones, followed by their gaining strong network holding. There are creation of newer horizontal layers and their expansion in the telecom industry, each of them characterized by distinct risks, returns, investment needs, suiting to different investors’ profiles.

Important Technologies and Products

  1. Optical Transport
  2. Radio (Fixed)
  3. Networking Devices
  4. Media Gateways
  5. CPEs
  6. GSM/ 2G System
  7. LTE/ 4G System
  8. LTE/ LTE-R Based Mobile Systems
  9. 5G
  10. MLLN
  11. Wi-Fi
  12. NMS and derivatives
  13. Security & Surveillance
  14. M2M/IoT/NB-IoT Solutions
  15. Optical Fibre & Cable
  16. Telecom Power Systems
  17. Telecom Batteries
  18. Devices
  19. GPON Family
  20. Quantum Communications
  21. IP based Soft Switches, Unified Communication Systems
  22. IMS
  23. EPABX
  24. Satellite
  25. Fabless
  26. Cloud Platforms
  27. GSM/LTE/Ethernet Gateways
  28. Telecom Passive Infrastructure -Towers, Masts & Poles
  29. Remote Piloted Aircraft
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