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Use Cases & Pilots

For the development of quantum communication infrastructure, primary emphasis is on development of an end-to-end quantum network that will lead to many crucial applications in the field of secure communication, quantum key distribution, and multi-party quantum conferences. Some important use-cases and applications are listed here-

  • Quantum Key Distribution(QKD) : Application of QKD is already happening in a number of industries to safeguard and protect both sensitive client information and business critical data.

  • Healthcare Industry: Healthcare data is ultra-sensitive and critical to both patients and medical institutions.

  • Government and Defence: Quantum-safe encryption systems enable a quantum key generation platform for highly secure cryptology operations and quantum key distribution maintains long-term data integrity.

  • Industrial Control Systems: QKD systems within ICCs networks will secure the critical communications between distributed control units without a additional network complexity.

  • Grids and Power Distribution: QKD will offer a low-cost and secure alternative to classical systems.

  • Distributed Quantum Computing: Small-scale quantum networks can enable a cluster of small-capacity quantum processors that will be crucial in setting up future quantum data centers and workstations.

  • Quantum Cloud Computing: Quantum internet will define the future of cloud quantum computing for large-scale interconnection with quantum computing resources over clusters.

  • Smart City Networks: Optical fibre-based quantum links are starting to provide secure communications across critical points in cities such as security services, government agencies, banks, grids, and healthcare centers.

  • Satellite Quantum Communication: Large-distance key distribution and communications are enabled by satellite-based QKD systems. Such systems will play a key role in intercontinental secure communications across geo-locations.

  • Quantum Computing (QC): QC will enable it to take advantage of superior resources and processing power by implementing quantum algorithms on distributed hardware to solve computational problems which may be intractable on individual quantum processors.

  • Ultra-precise and Ultra Secure Quantum Clocks/GPS to enable the possibility of extremely precise clock synchronization and GPS, which also potentially improves security against both internal and external threats.

  • Radio Frequency Sensing: Connected quantum sensors to measure radio frequencies with arbitrary frequency resolution with applications in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • Financial and Banking Industry: Banking industry can effectively use the quantum random number generators (QRNG) technology to generate keys for security applications and cryptologic operations, such as authentication, digital signatures, and secure access control.

  • Protecting High value/Sensitive Data in Remote Data Centers: Many private businesses, organizations and government entities are required to back up their most critical information and ensure data availability for business continuity purposes.

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