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Bridging dreams and funding


India’s rapid digital evolution, fueled by a mobile user base exceeding 1.14 billion, drives innovation
under the Digital India program. Successes in e-health, e-education, and e-governance highlight its transformative impact. AI advancements, supported by widespread high-speed internet, further catalyze digital transformation, connecting rural areas and propelling India’s leadership in the global digital landscape.

India’s leadership in global 5G rollout underscores its commitment to digital transformation, introducing new connections for smart homes, agriculture, and autonomous vehicles. AI optimizes network performance in 5G through data analysis, while emerging technologies empower entrepreneurial creativity and foster innovative solutions.

Major HighlightsMobile connectivity
  • 1.14 billion mobile users
  • 2nd highest in world
  • 7.86 lakh Mobile Tower
  • 2.05 lakh Grampanchayat on OFC
  • Pan India Internet coverage
Digital India Program-
  • Success in programs for E-health, E-education, and E-governance,
  • AI advancements propelling
  • High speed internet- 5G
  • Zero Carbon emissions
5G rollouts with low latency helps in emerging technologies
  • Smart Factories & Homes
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Digital Security
  • High Efficiency in all sectors
Startups in emerging technologies
  • Industries likeAgriculture, Power, Education, Mining Electronics, Manufacturing, Fintech, Heath-care, Services, Automobiles, Logistics and Transport

Key Emerging Technologies under focus

Embracing 5G Solution
  • Private 5G Solutions & Edge Cloud Platform
  • Transform banking with 5G-based ATM
  • Elevate operations with 5G-Enabled AI Drones
  • Core 4G/5G Technological Excellence

Next-Gen Connectivity Solutions
  • Bridge digital divide with scalable and reliable last-mile solutions
  • Transform banking with 5G-based ATM
  • Elevate operations with 5G-Enabled AI Drones
  • Core 4G/5G Technological Excellence

Pioneer Greentech Harmony
  • Reduce emissions, enhance safety with innovation solutions
  • Seamless blend of hardware and software designed to tackle optimization challenges

Nurturing Innovation
  • Dive into innovation and IoT research with R&D
  • Transform ordinary into extraordinary possibilities
  • Navigate digital landscape effortlessly with Network Management solutions

Drive into Future
  • Create synergy for connectivity across diverse landscapes
  • Redefine and elevate communication standards with cutting-edge & enterprise Solutions respectively

Guardian Cyber Shield
  • Experience a new era of digital defense with holistic approach to Cybersecurity
  • Entrust digital assets to comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions

Precision Navigation Hub – Industry 4.0
  • Step into the future with Industry revolution
  • A seamless convergence of solutions, products & industries into a connected era of efficiency

Special Invitation to Venture Capitals

To propel startups to the next stage of commercialization, Department of Telecommunication is organizing a special meeting titled Bridging Dreams and Funding: Linking Venture Capital/Investors to the Future of Startups.”

We extend a warm invitation for you to witness the showcasing and presentation of innovative telecom products that hold substantial investment potential.

Your expertise and strategic vision are highly valued, and we believe they can play a pivotal role in shaping the success of the venture. Therefore, we invite you to:

Attend an exclusive presentation and live demonstration of the innovative telecom product of Startups and MSMEs.

Explore the investment opportunities and potential returns associated with this cutting-edge technology

Engage in a discussion on how your venture capital can contribute to the growth and scalability of the products of Startups and MSMEs

Date: 30.01.2024
Time: 02:00 PM

Hotel Taj Palace, Sardar Patel
Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi – 110021

Enclosed herewith is a list of Indian telecom companies along with their pitch decks for your ready reference. Feel free to peruse and select the companies that align with your interests. Kindly submit your confirmation by 17.01.2024

Your presence at this event is paramount, as we seek partners who share our enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of telecom innovation. We are confident that your insights and support could significantly enhance the success of these ventures, contributing as a key impetus to driving the digital journey of India.

S. No.Name of the CompanyPresentation2 min video
1Benlycos Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
2Chipspirit Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
3CIMware Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
4Echelon Edge Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
5Gigayasa Wireless Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
6Niral Networks Private LimitedPitch Deckvideo Link
7Webyfy IoT Private LimitedPitch Deckvideo Link
8Xovian Aerospace Private LimitedPitch DeckDropped
9Sensegiz Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
10FinaaraPitch DeckVideo Link
11Daikoku INNOVATIONSPitch DeckDropped
12Menthosa Solutions Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
13Sooktha Consulting Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
14Kesava Yatheemdra Infotech Research Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
15Elena Geo SystemsPitch DeckVideo Link
16OptimusLogic Systems India Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
17Nabstract Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
18AstromedaPitch DeckVideo Link
19Innogle Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
20Kratikal Tech Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
21LivNSense Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
22Coral Telecom LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
23Zodhya Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
24NMSWorks Software Pvt LtdPitch Deck
25SMPSElectric Control Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
26R2E Technologies Private LimitedPitch Deck
27Vyom Digital Services Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
28Arishti Info Labs Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
29Prayogik Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
30AROVR Innovations Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
31Evelabs Technologies Private LimitedPitch Deck
32Quanfluence Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
33Hetrogenous Communication Technologies Private Limited (SASTRA University)Pitch DeckVideo Link
34Optm Media Solutions Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
35Artificial Learning Systems India Private Limited(Artelus)Pitch DeckVideo Link
36Prophaze Technologies Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
37Terminus CircuitsPitch Deck
38Autosys Industrial Solutions Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
39Xten Networks India Private LimitedPitch Deck
40Xten Networks India Private LimitedPitch Deck
41COS GridPitch Deck
42Indio Networks Private LimitedPitch DeckVideo Link
43RebacaPitch DeckVideo Link

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