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Multi Disciplinary Innovative Solutions

6G use cases can be identified keeping various considerations in mind , especially evolving from ongoing work for 5G. Many applications that involve immersive presence or haptics interaction like tele-surgery, will require bandwidths of 10Gbps/user with sub-millisecond latency . To address these applications, the targeted capability for 6G is 1Tbps with sub-1 millisecond latency, with almost ubiquitous coverage across the entire planet

Potential 6G Use cases of relevance to India-

  • Healthcare– Tele-diagnosis, remote surgery and telerehabilitation are just some of the many potential applications in healthcare. Hospital-to-Home (H2H) services, Intelligent Wearable Devices (IWD), A smart pharmacy box (cabin) could be potential use cases in healthcare using 6G.

  • Agriculture- Smart and precision agriculture, vertical farming and green houses, highly dense and large-scale sensor network can be deployed where connectivity is provided using a set of 6G micro base stations, including drones working as wireless access points.

  • Defence & Internal Security- Battlefield Surveillance with integration of sensors, drone and satellite; Novel Security protocol; Dynamic radio Illumination of Battlefield; Digital twins of Battlefields could be potential user cases in Defence and Internal security.

  • Disaster Response– 6G will provide high data processing and disseminating protocols for disaster response related to Wildfire, floods, earthquakes, air pollution , mines safety etc.

  • Transportation/Air mobility-6G will be required for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) , electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL), aircraft for passengers for cities like Mumbai and Bangalore where peak hour traffic is one of the biggest challenges.

  • Education- There are so many opportunities in the Education sector like Remote learning. All major examinations like JEE, NEET, State Government, Banking, Defence, and other related sectors can leverage 6G in exam conduction.

To support use cases development by Start-ups/ Innovators/ Industry/ Academia a National Mission for 6G is envisaged for consortium based funding in phased manner for the development of Centres of Excellence and creating national ecosystem.

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