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Multi-Platform next generation networks

The evolution of 6G Multi- Platform Next Generation Networks is hinged on the current global thinking regarding the evolution of the telecom network in the year 2030 and beyond and India’s own future needs and growth trajectory over the next decade.

The very high data rates supported by the next-generation network will likely provide a platform for realistic e-meetings where holographic-type or AR/VR technologies are deployed along with multi-gigabit-per-sec tether-less links to provide a near-physical experience. User-defined virtualized air interfaces will enable such platforms to be invoked even by a mobile user based on the ability to set up a sufficiently fast, low-latency, low-jitter, reliable link, leading towards what could be described as hyper-personalised wireless networks.

With the increasing cost-effectiveness of Low Earth Orbit satellites and new technologies such as HAPS, non-terrestrial wireless networks will finally get integrated with the terrestrial network to offer ubiquitous coverage not only on ships and aircrafts, but in the Indian context, to rural areas under-served by the terrestrial network. The explosive growth forecast in drone usage will necessitate drone communications to be supported by the integrated space-terrestrial integrated network in a reliable and secure manner.

The research efforts over the next few years will be aligned towards realising one or more of the highly promising, scalable and feasible technologies / platforms. Advances made in any of the areas will not only serve India’s needs, but also give India an edge globally to realise its aspiration of being a net global provider of telecommunications technology.

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