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Policy Measures

A suitable ecosystem is needed in place to study and harness the unique microscopic quantum mechanical properties. It is an interdisciplinary field, lying in the cross-over of areas such as quantum physics, condensed matter physics, computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering. Therefore, a success story of the modern quantum revolution is possible through the collective effort of all the stakeholders. The policy measures to facilitate growth of Quantum are essentially needed for the success of QIS, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Computing , Quantum Communications or any other attributes of the quantum revolutions.

Policy interventions are needed ,broadly in following domain related to quantum: –

  • Human resources for current technological challenges and for future outgrow

  • Seamless information exchange

  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration

  • Integrated Quantum Computing & Network Architectures

  • Miniaturization and Fabrication

  • Establishing Critical Infrastructure / Access

  • National Security Implications

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